“Galleria degli Archi” trade center


The Galleria degli Archi is a new trade and business center recently built in the third sector of the industrial area of Olbia. Over time, the area has experienced a radical change, being transformed from an industrial area to a trade and business district. Following the conversion of the area, the original facility design was modified several times before reaching the current configuration consisting of a unique body of approximately 6,000 sq.m. total, on 2 floors and divided into 42 real estate units destined for commercial sites and offices.

The various units will be accessed through two passageways or corridors that cross the building longitudinally, dividing the internal space into three sectors more or less of the same width. The modules (shops and offices) represented in the plans will be available only by lease and can be sized according to the client’s space requirements. The outdoor surfaces will be destined for streets and parking, excluding designated green areas.

The area within which the new structure will rise extends more than 11,000 sq.m. and occupies a location of extreme strategic importance since it directly overlooks the main road for entry to the city and junctions for the port, the airport, and the Emerald Coast; these routes guarantee easy access and ample visibility thanks to the significant volume of daily traffic.