Company profile

Gruppo Dau Costruzioni (Dau Construction Group) was established in August 1950 as the solely owned “Costruzioni DAU LELIO.” Over time, it was joined by new construction and real estate companies such as DAU LELIO S.R.L., IMMOBILIARE F.LLI DAU, ECOGRANITI S.A.S., D.E.D. COSTRUZIONI GENERALI S.R.L. and finally, the latest, R.A.M. COSTRUZIONI.

Organization and reliability

The choice to create this type of structure was determined by the wish to bypass a superfluous system of intermediaries that often leads to wasted money and dispersal of Information. We prefer direct contact with the clients both during the design and work and during the sales phase. This way of organizing the various activities allows Gruppo Dau Costruzioni to offer solid reliability.

Family management

All managed as “family businesses”, the Gruppo Dau Companies have distinguished themselves over time for their unquestioned reliability and ethics, as well as more than fifty years of performing business activities and holding roles of prestige and responsibility. Today, they continue to occupy a significant position in the construction sector, performing important public construction work (buildings, sports facilities, roads, aqueducts and sewers, renovations etc.) and private-sector residential, commercial, and industrial construction. The shareholding structure is still directed by Mr. Lelio Emilio Dau, as legal representative of all the companies, and next by his sons, Rita, Antonio and Maurizio.