Today, the companies of Gruppo Dau focus on seeking the total quality of design, management, and implementation, in order to offer an increasingly efficient product to attentive and demanding clients, a product that is technologically advanced and in harmony with the environment that surrounds it. Each Company of the Group, through its specific skills, provides for the work of urban planning, construction and commercialization of areas and properties for residential, industrial or commercial use in the area of the Gallura.

Residential construction

Residential construction means creating a place in which people experience their most important moments. For this reason we build residences in which we ourselves want to live. We attempt to put a part of our taste and our experience into each detail and value every aspect to make the residences that we build unique. Some of the most beautiful and prestigious residential complexes of the area bear our signature, a testament that quality is a central element of our means of operating. We consider that creation with consciousness and respect for people and for the environment contributes to improving the quality of life and preserving the value of investments.


Recovery, restoration, and renovation of the old and its best qualities are obtained through the use of original recovered materials or the inclusion of new products and compatible technologies both for quality and aesthetic effects.

Commercial construction

The companies of today operate in a highly dynamic and competitive context. For this reason, they require that the spaces in which they perform their activities to be built in a way that provides maximum optimization of internal resources. Over the years, we have constructed buildings for the most diverse economic sectors, still attempting to identify with our clients to understand their specific requirements and problems. We have managed to anticipate market demands, providing quality construction, in addition to a value added of services and attention to clients and those who benefit from our work.

Artisanal and industrial construction

Working for industry and craftsmanship, on the other hand, means setting efficiency and functionality goals. The methodical search for optimization of the technical execution and collaboration with qualified professionals on the specific design guarantee us quality, efficiency and stylistic innovation, also in the Industrial sector. The best experience and skills in the sector, supported by advanced technologies, guide Gruppo Dau through difficulties also found in the most difficult work and allow performing focused, specialized work.

What we have done so far and what we are doing now reflects the spirit of people who work and also base their own results on the quality of the place in which they operate. Our philosophy is understanding needs, overcoming problems by offering innovative solutions, and using technology to improve the work environment and promptly meeting the client’s requested delivery times.